Who attends SECURA?

Secura generates onsite deals in construction projects, IPEs, perimeter protection, access control, fire prevention and firefighting, private security, cybersecurity, emergency and disaster equipment. But it is also an excellent platform for international companies in that sector looking for local representatives in Algeria and the North African region.

SECURA covers 6 different fields

Health and Safety at work

Individual protective equipment , professional clothing , ergonomy norms.

Industrial and homeland security

Equipment for the protection of industrial and public infrastructures.


Surveillance , access control , CCTV , perimetric protection , private security.


Disaster and crisis management, rescue and forsenic.

Cyber security

Prevention and fight against cybercriminality.


Fire detection , prevention and firefighting.

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03 - 05 December 2024
SAFEX (AHAGGAR Hall) Algiers