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TS-0300MX Conference System Controller

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* Original clock synchronization and transmission technology, audio delay of less than 5ms, sampling rate 48K uncompressed audio transmission.

* It can be connected to the full digital and WIFI conference system at the same time. And it can work with the conference controller to realize the extension of the microphone output interface.

* Professional output interface supports balanced and unbalanced signals. 6 multi-function output Phoenix terminals, 16 three-pin XLR balanced or 16 unbalanced outputs.

* Powerful 16-channel output function. It can be flexibly configured as wired role separation output mode, wireless role separation output mode, and simultaneous interpretation output mode.

* The role separation output mode enables the wired or wireless unit to output independently according to the ID number. Support up to 128 outputs through cascade. And the output range is ID1-ID128.

* Simultaneous interpretation output mode enables simultaneous audio to be output independently according to the channel number. Support up to 63+1 outputs through cascade.

* The role separation controller can be multiple cascaded, and each role separation controller can be set with different output modes to achieve the extension of the output interface. It can be connected to application scenarios such as voice transcription, voice activation, separate recording, and infrared simultaneous interpretation.
* Built-in high-performance DSP processor. The volume, 10-band EQ, delayer and other functions of each output can be individually adjusted.
* ID editing function. When multiple role separators are used, there is duplicate ID detection.

* Support web control function. You can view the online number of role separation controllers, switch language, set output mode, set ID output range, and set audio parameters for each channel through the browser.

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