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SOSETEL, a family story which for twenty years has managed with passion and selflessness this company which was created in 1998 by Mr AMGHAR Abdelkrim. Specialized in computer network, telecommunications, public address and electronic security system installations. SOSETEL has put its know-how and professional experience at the disposal of the public and private sectors, thus participating in the economic, educational and civilization development of the country. Algeria’s needs in technology have enabled SOSETEL to position itself on the market, as a company at the forefront of qualified establishments, leader in its field of activity, with a meteoric and steady rise. In order to meet the expectations, which are still growing for professionals, SOSETEL has not only set up a team of highly qualified professionals, but has also set up a sales office in the capital Algiers, as well as launching of an industrial project for the realization of a manufacturing unit of products related to its activity. The performance of SOSETEL highlighted by foreign partners, whose reputation is not to be demonstrated in terms of quality, enabled it to obtain exclusivity for the marketing of TAIDEN brand products for the conference system in Algeria , a company specializing in digital conference systems, as well as SUN-TECH products for the training and language laboratory in Algeria. In a word SOSETEL is your ideal partner, who will listen to your expectations, and will be the best vector of modernity, combining quality and service.



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