AGS – L’Aurassienne De Gardiennage & De La Sécurité

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1. Monitoring, Control, Prevention, Protection and Security.
❖ Protection of peoples and Assets;
❖ Monitoring of sites against the malicious intrusions at warehouses, stores, offices and factories;
❖ Inputs and Outputs control (Staff – Visitors) and control of access badges;
❖ Control of gear and equipment yards or rolling stock;
❖ Control of Merchandise and Goods (on instructions and in accordance with directives) incoming or outgoing;
❖ Intervention and Prevention against fire, flood or major event affecting the security of the site;
❖ Consolidation of security sites, occupied or unoccupied by experienced agents and from safe environments and trained professionals to respond to any contingency;
❖ Reception and organization of staff flows access on work area or projects area;
❖ Take in charge the reception task on sites thanks to its qualified staff, Receptionists and or agents (mastering the French, English and Arabic);
❖ Securing events: artistic galas, sport ceremonies, exhibitions or other events requiring the consolidation of the security system.


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